If you believe that your personal data rights have been violated, you can take the following actions:

1.    You can directly contact the holder or processor of your personal data through whose fault your rights have been violated.

Upon a written request, a citizen can receive all information about himself or herself from the holder of an array of personal data free of charge, except when the information is provided by the holder on a tangible medium (paper, floppy disk, flash drive, etc.).

Information about the availability of personal data and the personal data themselves must be provided within 7 days after receiving the request of the subject of personal data.

The subject of personal data has the right to get acquainted with documents containing personal information about him.

The right of access may be limited only in cases provided for in Article 15 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Personal Information”.

2.    If your actions were not successful, and your rights are still violated, then you can contact the State Agency for the Protection of Personal Data under the Cabinet of Ministers to establish the facts of the violation. If these facts are confirmed, the Agency will take appropriate measures.

3.    You can also challenge the wrongful actions of the holder or processor of your personal data in court.