1.    Limit access to your data

Do not tell about your name, surname and marital status, and even more so do not let strangers take pictures or make copies of your documents/

2.    Do not post a photo of your passport on the Internet and do not send it via e-mail or via instant messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp). You can only present your passport when receiving services from government agencies or banks.

3.    Do not share information about your bank cards

Do not show or tell anyone (especially over the phone) the passwords and codes indicated on the bank card, or the data for entering Internet banking.

4.    Be careful with information on digital media

Do not access Internet banking from other people's computer devices or phones. The browser may save your password automatically, which may result in data loss. Also, do not share flash cards if they have passport photos, forms indicating passport data, or other personal data.

5.    Read and learn more about changing data protection laws and digital technologies that are introduced to simplify the transfer of data and protect it.